As a nutrition PhD, herbalist, and functional medicine practitioner with a private practice for the last 12 years I realized the importance of securing a product line that would help my clients heal in a way that was both gentle and effective but also free from toxins or additives.

Over time I began to formulate small batches of handmade plant based medicine to help my clients overcome their health challenges. The most important requirement in formulating these remedies was to supply medicinal strength support without overwhelming the system. 

By combining specific gentle herbs to support, nourish, and assist healing of specific organs and systems in the body i found that sometimes the simplest of remedies were the most effective. 

All of our products have been used by hundreds of in office clients with much success. Plant medicine is natures way of healing. By nourishing your cells with nutrients absorbed through plant life with herbal infusions, tinctures, tonics, external skin and body care you are taking in the healing powers of each plant and allowing your body to heal and repair in the way that it was meant to.

I hope you love our products infused with the healing power of plant medicine as much as we do and that they help bring about a healthy happy vibrant life for you!